no. 4 - ta-tahng ta-tihng TOHNG TAHNG beach path by RNLI & Yacht Club CT5 1BX

find us here @2.58pm just off the path between Whitstable yacht Club & the RNLI building; get there either by heading east along the beach path towards the harbour from Horsebridge Centre/Whitstable Biennale HQ  or come through the main Harbour vehicle entrance, straight ahead and turn left at the RNLI building, the sonic flash mob will take place at the edge of the boats & beach

ta-tahng ta-tihng TOHNG TAHNG is my interpretation of the iconic sound of 'frapping' - let's hope we have a touch of wind today across the masts of the yacht club so we can all fill our ears.  Frapping is a familiar sound anywhere with sailing boats but the exact composition of it differs depending on geography, weather, and number & type of boats. 

We may be making a phantom remembered sound today rather than a direct response

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