no.3 - The Fountain Fan

Thanks to all the Sonic Flashers today, that was a complex sound to pin down in a flash with only a few seconds practice!  Fountain regulars and Biennale visitors rose to the challenge spontaneously & formed the 3rd 'pop up choir' ..fortunately some could really roll their Rs so we mixed a rapid 'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr' with a similarly rapid rhythmic tuk'tuk'tuk in an attempt to interpret The Fountain's extractor fan that seemed flappier today than when I did my reccy - praps the weather and temperature affect it?  Especially enjoyed talking about Whitstable sounds & whether there are sounds you only know if you're local or is it as much about how you listen (or don't) and what references your listening is filtered through.  The tumble of Whelks being transferred from boat to sack for sale.  Empty oyster shells being discarded.  Bottles being stacked & shifted in a town that still has a lively small local pub culture. Does the specific geography of the harbour create a unique sound as boats come and go?  The architecture and town layout where Sea Wall & old town form a distinct barrier from sea sounds reaching the town..

There's a rumour of wind tomorrow, not a breath of it today .. hope so it'll really bring the ti tiHNg & ta taHNg sounds to life .. more no. 4 location info will be posted in the morning ..

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