sonic chaos

All the Sonic Flash Mob (SFM) locations have purposely been very diverse, last weekend encompassed a sunny saturday pedestrian back street with laid back locals followed by the sonic sunday chaos of the yacht club/harbour/rnli area.  With temperatures @28deg C Whitstable beach was thronged, and the sound scape definitely thronging.  With barely a breath of wind the frapping mast sound I'd chosen to utter 'ta taHng TOHNG' etc. wasn't anywhere to be heard so this time the mob was uttering the memory of a sound rather than a directly experienced sound of the moment.

At 2.59pm the RNLI launched to a fabulous claxon and tractor medley and the yacht club PA burst into life with rhythmic air horn bursts for a race or somesuch - this became our sonic framework to play with inserting our TOHNGs and ta tiHNGs on & off the beats of claxons all underscored by the streams of feet & people babble filing non-stop along the beach path..

Full on ear experience!

next up coo-ing in Cornwallis Circle and whoosh-ing in a wind shelter

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