Merchant City July 24

Yesterday was such a good day. Did two walks with two quite different groups, one with several people from community choirs – great to have people who like playing with their voices and comfortable with directing the sounds within the group.  The other was a very mixed group of individuals who were open, experimental and touching.

My head is teeming with so many well it wonderful the participants were, funny, thoughful, playful, poignant..the potential for other Soundings and the situations it would also work well in – with choirs, inside buildings, in residence, as a film etc etc. but this morning I've run out of time so the edited clips from 23.7.11 will do in place of words.

( Had the most amazing jam packed bus ride back to Abraham's flat last night, with a crazy clarinet player and a chinese salsa dancer, even more reasons to love Glasgow.)

walk_2_several_clips.mp3 Listen to this
23.7.1_huip.mp3 Listen to this
23.7.11_ceematai.mp3 Listen to this
23.7.11_phwssh.mp3 Listen to this

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