Merchant City July 23

Edd & Diane joined me yesterday

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in an intro to Soundings test run, along with Paul they're going to be Sounder Guides. All three have varied practices based in Live Art and sound so it's also an opportunity to share practice and ideas behind our work. How we make what we make and who we make it for and with.


For Merchant City Soundings the group size is limited to 16, having made Soundings with smaller groups before I'm introducing Sounder Guides to keep a cohesion as we move through the streets, and to filter the found and vocalised sounds out to the group.


It's great to alternate from being the Sound Gatherer/Transmitter to the receiver/transmitter, having an insight into how another person hears the world and then how they translate that into a vocalisation..which sounds they pick and which ones you were dying to use but had to let go. There is a feeling of being utterly present in the moment with the group, open to sound and transmission, connected as auditory beings.


Edd & Diane's feedback helped me decide to plan a rough route or area to walk in encompassing different sonic spaces, rather than a complete drift and to open the opportunity to be a Sounder out to the whole group, both things I'd been uncertain about. I also helped focus my method of describing Soundings and enabling the intital steps into becoming auditory beings for an hour.


I'm very excited to be making the first public Soundings today, all those unknown voices that are coming to join us and utter wonderful noises.


As usual I recorded the whole walk, some short extracts here.


Witnessed the 3pm prison van ritual again yesterday – during the meeting for all the Derive Tour artists the van came up from the court, stopped at the lights and the inmates began hammering on the window while some of their mates walked alongside or banged back. Wasn't quick enough with the recorder it's an affecting racket. Apparently they do it everyday. Saying goodbye to the world for now, heading for Barlinnie.


The empty shop is now ready and waiting for the public to come and interact with us all, give feedback, draw a sound map, make footprints, tell a story for the Pint of no return and meet the Bird Man...

I've been writing these blogs in the Jive Cafe on Argyle St (West End), along with my they've totally spoilt me with extra coffee and two tables - one for breakfast and one for computer..hehe what a routine

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