The websites of some friends, colleagues, acquaintances and general good eggs.

If you are an artist or arts organisation that would like Jane to link to your website please provide us with a reciprocal link (the more sites that link to your site the higher your google rating). Copy and past this code <p><a href=""><b>Jane Pitt</b></a> Artist based in Medway, Kent.</p> into your html document for a simple text link or this <p><a href=""><img border="1" alt="Jane Pitt Logo" src="" width="300" height="65" target="new" Title=""/></a> Jane Pitt Artist based in Medway, Kent.</p> for a small graphic link.

if you have provided a link from your site please e-mail the webmaster with details of the link location and the address and a short description of the site you would like Jane to link to.