Gesture in relation to sound

Circle, diagonal, square

Circle, diagoanal, square

Circle, diagonal, square



All responding to same sound

Each responding to same sound

All responding to same sound 2

I asked people to listen to three sounds made by VOICE and to imagine a shape to each sound and to then make a gesture from the shape they imagined. I filmed people making the gestures.
The VOICE sounds were of the shape made by the technology from a circle, and diagonal line and a square.
I found that people who didn’t know the technology tended to make gestures that were linear moving from one side to the other or from top to bottom for both the sound for the circle and the diagonal. They tended to make a more dotted or punctuated yet rounded shape for the square sound. Yet none of them made a shape matching the sound.

When we recorded ourselves, those of us working on the project, we had been working with the technology all day and had a greater understanding of it. The gestural shapes that we made tended to be very similar for each shape, apart from the square.

This is something I found fascinating and I would like to explore further and ideally a choreography for film based on the resulting gestures in correlation with the sounds.

Talking with Michael, an idea came up to work with visually impaired people on the choreography. This would present many challenges yet may be stunningly powerful. It may also give visually impaired people a chance to explore movement as an expressive tool, beyond keeping safe. (of course safety would need to be paramount as a starting point). I would be very interested to see how movement arises from an internal perspective not relating to ideas of external perception by others and input from the media etc.

To include such a choreographic piece of work or film in an interactive installation would be very exciting.

We played with creating pattern whilst wearing the VOICE technology and the sounds this produced whilst looking at the pattern in different ways whilst drawing, meant that an instant simple composition was created through drawing. This would be a great thing for the public to be involved with in an interactive installation. It was very exciting to do and gave a great understanding of the technology and how it works.

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