Live version of Michael’s ‘Glimpsing Sound’ blog experiment

Michael, I put some photography students from UCA Rochester, Kent in at the deep end with a brief vOICe demo and a live version of your experiment.  Obviously with such short experience of vOICe it took a while for them to grab the concept of the sounds being a direct translation of images of 2 diverse places, initially drawing on their memory and imagination to process and respond.  Here’s a recording of their responses:






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4 Responses to “Live version of Michael’s ‘Glimpsing Sound’ blog experiment”

  1. Michael Proulx Says:

    Cool! I will write more later!

  2. Michael Proulx Says:

    I suppose it might be time for the big reveal to show the images that produced the sounds with The vOICe?

  3. Jane Pitt Says:

    Maybe hold on a wee bit longer, I’m doing a workshop with the Rivervoice Choir on Saturday so might get some more responses from them yet..

  4. Jane Pitt Says:

    Also giving a lecture to a larger cohort of students on 26th so there’s scope to try it with them with some adjustments in my approach?