Merchant City July 28

This last post for the Roofless Soundings contains a variety of excerpts from the last two walks which ranged from 30-40mins in duration, all made together with the walkers improvised in the moment, a selection of subtle, playful and fierce sounds that give a sense of moving within the sonic geography of the city.  Time now to digest the experience and feedback and to look forward to more Soundings permutations.. Thankyou everyone who participated &/or helped make it happen.  Will add photos of people Sounding soon..

KKHAAAA_24.7.11.mp3 Listen to this
various_24.7.11.mp3 Listen to this
ts_i_wii_24.7.11.mp3 Listen to this
uhcjzssch_24.7.11.mp3 Listen to this
hoauai_-_pirrri_ti_tat_24.7.11.mp3 Listen to this
chuyuyu_24.7.11.mp3 Listen to this

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