Medway Ri-zounds

photo: Mike Snarr

The Medway truely resounded yesterday afternoon through the mist and rain thanks to all the wonderful Ri-zounders who came aboard the Kingswear Castle Paddle Steamer to participate in this embodiment of Medway's river sounds.  The intrepid Ri-zounders swaddled in waterproofs enjoyed a one off Fuse Festival circular trip from Rochester to Gillingham Reach.  Many seeing their Medway Towns from the river for the first time. We mingled, shared river stories, histories and sounds, kept topped up from the tea bar and then crowded under the canopy on the main deck to Ri-zound for the Festival.

The title Ri-zound' is a play on the words River Sounds & resound and references the phonetic style used to create the vocal score we 'Ri-zounded' from.

In the run up to the festival weekend all 3 ri-zound artists Jane Pitt, Mike Snarr & Sara Norling are editing digital sound recordings & photos from the event yesterday as a document to be presented in the Kent Cultural baton airstream caravan - look forward to seeing you there Sat 16th Chatham Riverside nr Library & Sun 17th Rochester Castle Gardens 12-5pm..  come and share your river sounds or try making the ri-zound sounds ..

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