no.1 - tuk-er't' schrerrrrrrrrrhm-rerrrrrhm

What?! How?!

Leggett's Lane sits between Harbour Street & Sea Street, tucked behind the Sea Wall in Whitstable, Kent.  Traffic circulates either end and the sound funnels through the alley.  It's a complex set of sounds & rhythms to unravel - car or bus engines ticking, tyre rumble, woosh of air displaced as the vehicle moves through .. so this is my phonetic attempt to fix and describe it .. it will evolve as it's uttered

Arrive a couple of minutes early on Saturday 1st Sept (just before 3pm) for this 1st sonic flash mob,  and fill your ears and test your tongue with this phonic translation of a slither of Whitstable.

On the strike of 3pm say the phonetic I've described and as we repeat it let your ears & mouth adapt it to your experience of the soundscape as you utter the phonic for at least a minute and a maximum of 3 minutes

See you in the alley ..

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