Launch 4th Nov - Wetherspoons Opera House Pub, 88 Mount Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells

The Eccentric Pub Opera Part 1.mp3
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The Eccentric Pub Opera Part 2.mp3
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The Eccentric Pub Opera Part 3.mp3
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It was great to share the soundtrack at last, especially with some of the participants..the table 77 stalwarts were there (Some pictured) alongside funders, museum associates and friday drinkers so a lovely broad set of responses.  The work is where it belongs (in the big red box next to the condiments in the old orchestra pit) warbling and creaking away for the next 6 months..just pick up the headphones.. 

For some remote interpretive activity and more info about the project visit and scroll down to operajam created by Rob Hubbard & Phil Glenfield

All pictures in this post, except Ted Help, are by David the Public Art House photographer

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