no.6 - Girvan

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Girvan, KA26 9AL

NX 18345 97837


The Carrick Learning Centre generally has a hushed air about it punctuated often by laughter and occasionally this lift sound.

This week I've been editing together soundings from my week in Girvan for the St. John's Tower, Bruce Crescent, Ayr installation for Roofless, Burns Brightly this coming weekend (Sat 2 & Sun 3 June 1-5pm).

To distil the experience and setting I've focused on quieter more intimate moments, hushed interpretations of the wind whipping across the roof segue into gentle soundings of paper and scissor snip vocalised by the card making class, a voluptuous rendition of the automatic doors follows and is swept along through the howl and clunk of windy rafters & loops back to a softer wind whistle..

..these digitally edited sounds will jostle with the live sounds of the stone Tower imposing an extra layer in constant flux.


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