Burns an' a' that - mobile choirs re-sound South Ayrshire's soundscape

Artist Jane Pitt creates experiences with people and places that temporarily amplify the everyday.  Making work for the outdoors and unusual spaces using improvised performance, peepshows, soundtracks and live vocal sound. 

During May for presentation at Burns an' a' that 2012 Jane will be creating Ayr Bourne with 75 local participants who will, tune in, utter, compose and record vocal phonic scores. Translating & transforming South Ayrshire's sonic fingerprint for digitaal broadcast.  Probing the sound-scape in a series of interventions, becoming mobile choirs in a variety of Ayrshire locations.

Ayr Bourne harnesses sound in its fundamental acoustic form, vibrations resound via ear, brain and mouth to conjure and compose potent, funny & uncanny reinventions of our everyday audio-scape.

more info & sounds coming soon..


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