Jane Pitt

is an artist based in Chatham Kent. Her work encompasses a range of disciplines including performance, sound, photography, animation and sculpture. Muddy Jar 2007 After studying fine art at Brighton University she ran away with the circus where she learned to fuse her talents for performance and creating something from nothing, it is that fusion that forms the basis of her work today.

Her work is influenced by live art, circus, illusion, itinerant showmen, magic, theatre, the natural and built environment.

Motivated by a strong desire to create experiences and moments of connection with people she creates participatory sound works and interactive installations in public spaces.

Her sound works conjure and compose potent, funny & uncanny reinventions of our everyday audio-scape where participants are invited to embody their sense of place. By vocalising phonic descriptions of everyday sounds unique to their location (i.e. kraaah = crow; pwssscch - usch = bus brakes; creee'uh'iiuck = creaking door) her collaborators are led to create a new understanding of their environment and create a personal link between themselves and the places they inhabit.

Installations are fabricated from a diverse range of materials including glass, mud, feathers, lenses, bone, ball cocks and amazing jewels purchased from pound shops. They are designed to amplify and transform the space and moment. The viewer is invited to become immersed in the intimate world of Wunderkammer.